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Lawn Equipment Brand Guide

Customers who use high-grade outdoor lawn equipment for their home or business are looking for more than just quality. They are looking for brands that can stand the test of time and are deserving of customer loyalty. At Buckeye Power Sales, we sell equipment from almost all the top brands in lawn equipment. Here is a look at some of our top brands and what you need to know about them. If you have any additional questions or want to speak to someone about getting a price quote, please contact us at Buckeye Power Sales.


Where is Stihl Headquartered?

Stihl Inc. in Virginia Beach is the US subsidiary of the Andreas Stihl AG & Company KG from Germany, where Stihl is also based. Since 1926, Stihl has been a worldwide leader in residential and commercial grade outdoor power equipment. They provide products in almost every category such as chainsaws, blowers, trimmers, pressure washers, and hedge trimmers to name a few.

About the Stihl Brand

Stihl is famous for being the only outdoor equipment manufacturer that makes its own saw chains and guide bars. Stihl Inc. works through an extensive network of dealers and independent stores and does not sell its products in big box stores. Buckeye Power Sales is proud to be a Gold Level, Stihl MasterWrench location providing top quality sales, service and product support for Stihl equipment

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Who Makes Stihl Engines?

Stihl manufactures its own engines for all products.

 Price and Warranty


Stihl product warranties differ based on personal or commercial use. Personal use of equipment will carry warranties between 1 and 3 years while commercial use of equipment ranges from 3 months to 2 years.

Parts and Maintenance

Stihl distributes its parts and products through dealers and independent shops. We carry an extensive inventory of maintenance and repair parts at all of our locations and have the parts expertise to help you get what you need.


About the Toro Brand

The Toro Company is an American manufacturer of turf and lawn maintenance equipment out of Bloomington, Minnesota. Toro was founded in 1914 to build tractor engines for the Bull Tractor company. 

Toro is known for innovations in the Snow removal, residential and commercial turf maintenance industries which act as their main focus. Toro is also the trusted brand for greenkeeping teams at vaunted sporting event locations such as Torrey Pines Golf Course, St. Andrews Links and Santiago Bernebéu Stadium in Madrid, Spain.

Buckeye Power Sales is proud to carry Toro products at all of our locations. Check out our selections here

Who Makes Toro Engines?

Toro and Exmark engines come from Loncin Industries backed by a 4 year/750 hour warranty.  Toro also proudly offers Kohler, Briggs and Stratton and Honda engines on several different models. 

Prices and Warranty


Toro Equipment is reasonably priced for both personal and commercial usage depending on your needs. Toro offers a 1-3 year warranty for engines, batteries and other equipment depending on each line. Our sales staff can provide expert guidance on Toro warranty plans and restrictions.

Parts and Maintenance

Toro equipment is aimed at finding the best compromise between reliability, usability, and ease of maintenance for consumers. Every owner’s manual comes with recommended maintenance schedules and allows owners to make sure their equipment is in top shape. Replacement parts can be found at any of our locations.


About the Exmark Brand

Exmark Manufacturing is a manufacturer and developer of high grade, professional quality mowers, seeders, and other lawn and outdoor equipment from Nebraska. They are a subsidiary of Toro, another American lawn equipment company out of Minnesota. Exmark is one of the premier brands of professional equipment.

Buckeye Power Sales is one of the top Exmark dealers in America and won the award for #1 Exmark dealer in 2017. We provide a wide range of Exmark products backed by their industry-leading warranties and our experienced technical and engineering know-how. If you have a lawn care business then look no further than Exmark for your needs.

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Who Makes Exmark Engines?

Toro and Exmark engines come from Loncin Industries backed by a 4 year/750 hour warranty.  Exmark also proudly offers Kohler, Kawasaki, Yanmar and Honda engines across their model lineup. 

Prices and Warranty


As an industry standard for professional grade equipment, Exmark products are priced according to their high quality. They also come with an industry-leading warranty that supports your devices for hundreds of hours.

Parts and Maintenance

Exmark products are geared toward industry professionals, lawn care businesses and large acreage homeowners. Like many professional lines of product, they are crafted to get the job done and are ready to stand the test of wear and tear. Exmark products have leading technologies like Lazer Z seating systems that redefine mower comfort for power users and professionals who spend all day in the operator seat.

Scag Power Equipment

About the Scag Brand

Scag Power Equipment is an American manufacturer of commercial and high productivity lawn equipment from Mayville, Wisconsin. They are one of the largest independent manufacturers of outdoor power equipment in the US.

Buckeye Power Sales is proud to be a Scag Pro Gold Dealer. We are able to provide full sales, support, and maintenance for all Scag products we sell as well as parts, maintenance, and warranty support.

We provide the full range of Scag products in our Columbus and Dayton locations.

Who Makes Scag Engines?

Scag engines differ depending on the model of mower you purchase. Scag engines come from reputable engine makers such as Kawasaki, Kohler, Kubota, Honda, Caterpillar and Briggs & Stratton.

Prices and Warranty


Scag produces the highest quality in commercial power equipment. Depending on the needs of your customers and service teams, Scag makes the right size mowers for you. If you’d like to purchase a fleet of Scag equipment contact our dealership today for quotes and pricing.

Scag offers 2 to 3-year warranties on non-wear parts along with other limited warranties for commercial equipment. Our trained sales service staff can help with warranty support for Scag Power Equipment products. 

Parts and Maintenance

Scag stands behind their products which are built right here in the US. Each mower starts off as raw steel and is built start to finish and prepared at the end of the line for customer use with testing and preparation completed before a mower is checked off as complete. Their extensive network of dealers including Buckeye Power Sales ensures that you get local support and access to parts quickly.

Scag parts available through the dealer network, including Buckeye Power Sales. Scag products are known for their reliability as they are commercial grade and built for constant use professionally or residentially. If you have any questions about maintaining your Scag we can help. 


About the Honda Brand

Honda is one of the most famous power equipment manufacturers in the world. There are many divisions of Honda producing everything from cars and motorcycles to aircraft, boats and of course outdoor power equipment.

 Since 1953, Honda has been a leader in the development of general purpose engines used in equipment like generators, lawn mowers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers, and trimmers. Honda Power Equipment offers more than 70 products in these categories available for sale through an independent dealer network in the United States.

Honda Power Equipment is produced at the Swepsonville, North Carolina plant in the US with R&D taking place at the same plant along with Honda R&D in Japan. 

Buckeye Power Sales is proud to be a Honda Power Equipment partner providing the full line of Honda equipment at all of our locations.

Who Makes Honda Engines?

Honda is proud to produce their own engines used on all their power equipment building on their storied history of simple, effective and low-emission four-stroke engines used in lawn mowers, snow blowers, and other outdoor power equipment.

Prices and Warranty

$ - $$$

Honda produces exception power equipment available to meet personal and commercial needs. They offer a variety of factory warranties on their products ranging from 1 to 3 years depending on the class of product as well as use category.

At Buckeye Power Sales, our sales, service and maintenance teams can work with you to support your Honda power equipment and provide parts, maintenance, and guidance.

Parts and Maintenance

Honda is a ubiquitous name in the power equipment industry. Their storied history and vaunted performance have made them a household name. Smaller Honda equipment like lawn mowers or snow blowers are easy to maintain and we offer an extensive inventory of maintenance and replacement parts.

Other classes of equipment such as water pumps or generators can be serviced with the help of licensed dealers like Buckeye Power Sales. Our service department can assist with all Honda maintenance questions and needs with the ability to get parts and complete repairs quickly and accurately.


In addition to Stihl, Toro, Exmark, Scag, and Honda, Buckeye Power Sales carries a number of high-end outdoor power equipment brands. View all of our available brands here.