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Ryan Stand-On Aerator - 554930

  • Pick-up available in Dayton
  • Pick-up available in Columbus
  • Pick-up unavailable in Middletown
  • Pick-up unavailable in Cincinnati
  • Pick-up unavailable in Cleveland
  • Pick-up unavailable in Canal Winchester
Please Call for Availability
  • Dayton: (937) 203-0231
  • Columbus: (614) 861-6000

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The Lawnaire® ZTS stand-on aerator grips the terrain and, like you, moves fast. Capable of covering two-and-a-quarter acres per hour at ground speeds up to seven miles per hour, this highly maneuverable machine tackles aeration more nimbly, efficiently and effectively than you’ve ever seen before. An absolute master of turf aeration, the Lawnaire® ZTS improves your profits and when the job is done, it leaves operators with extra time and energy.
Automatic tensioning on the drive chains ensures proper tension during operation and reduces required maintenance.
Intuitive control panel: Hydraulic pressure gauge with dial for management of down pressure under various soil conditions.
For precise aeration depth control in varying soil conditions, with a range of 2” up to 5” in half inch increments.

EngineL Kawasaki FS541V
Fuel System Capacity (gal) 5
Interlock Engine will not start unless parking
brake is engaged and OPC is released
Transmission:Hydrostatic 2 Hydro Gear ZT3200
Hydraulic Oil Capacity (oz): 7 Quarts
Ground Speed:FWD (mph) 0 - 7.4 REV (mph) 0-3.1
Drive Wheels Driven through roller chains
Tine Drive Outside aeration tines are driven
through roller chains
Turning radius - Tines down 5ft
Turning radius - tines up 0
Time to raise/lower tines (Sec) 1.4 up, 1.8 down
Aeration Width (in) 30
Tines (Qty) 48
Tine Down Pressure (lbs) 0-700
Core Depth (in) 2 - 5 inches
Holes per square foot ~5.1 (55/m2)