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We sell fertilizer and grass seed for all applications. We serve the professional lawn care provider as well as the homeowner who wants to create a quality looking lawn. All of our grass seed are custom blends to offer you an unbeatable combination of premium products at an affordable price.

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    grass seed

    We offer custom blends of premium grass seed

    • Buckeye Checkmate Mix – will provide quick results and a tough, durable lawn. Full sun & partial shade.
    • Buckeye Rye Blue Mix – use in full sun for quick germination of seed resulting in lush, green lawn.
    • Buckeye 50/50 Mix – for new lawns or filling in bare spots. Use in full sun.
    • Buckeye Shade Mix – use for an attractive lawn in partially shaded areas.
    • Buckeye Blue Blend – best for sunny areas, used for new lawns or for filling in bare spots in bluegrass.
    • Buckeye Tuff Turf Blend – provides a tough, durable lawn & grows well in full sun & partial shade areas.
    • Buckeye Sunny Mix – ideal for lawns that receive medium to full sunlight. Great for new lawns, repair or reseeding.
    • Buckeye Rye Blend – provides a lush, dark green lawn with quick results. Use in full sun.

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    Follow our fertilization program for a lush green lawn

    Your lawn should be fertilized several times throughout the growing season. Regular fertilization keeps your grass growing and the weeds out.

    Fertilizer numbers. What do they mean? 

    • The 1st number is the % of nitrogen the fertilizer contains. Nitrogen promotes overall grass growth.
    • The 2nd number is the % of phosphate the fertilizer contains. Phosphate promotes strong root growth.
    • The 3rd number is the % of potassium the fertilizer contains. Potassium helps grass withstand stress.

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    We carry a full line of salt and ice melt products.

    When it comes to selecting a de-icing solution there are a multitude of options. Choosing the right product comes down to how big your job is and how cold the outside temperatures are. Most rock salts are only effective down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. For lower temperatures, calcium chloride and other blends are needed, which can continue to melt ice and snow to down -25 degrees F.

    Here are a few tips:

    • Don’t treat concrete surfaces such as steps and walks unless they are at least six months old
    • Most melting products can harm vegetation, so be careful when spreading near lawns or yard plants
    • Wash the treated area thoroughly in the spring to help remove any lingering product

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Our Commitment to You

Buckeye Power Sales is your full service outdoor power equipment dealer. We have the equipment, parts and service to keep your landscape or construction business up and running or make your yard the pride of the neighborhood. We know you want a quality looking lawn. We provide you an unbeatable combination of premium products at an affordable price.

Why BPS:

  • Full service landscape and construction equipment service dealer
  • 70+ years of service
  • Premium fertilizer, grass seed and chemicals for all applications
  • De-icing products available by the bag, pallet and truckload
Want to Learn More?

If in doubt about what you need we can help you determine the best formula and volume to tackle your job no matter the season. Contact us at our Columbus, Middletown or Dayton store.