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Snow Removal Equipment


A Midwest winter isn’t all fun and games. And whether you only have a sidewalk to worry about or you’re handling multiple commercial clients, the weather will be trying its best to keep your task frozen until springtime.

At Buckeye Power Sales, we’ve got the tools you need this winter, no matter what storms are thrown your way. You can find everything from salt spreaders and ice melt products up to commercial snow removal equipment to tackle the biggest jobs around.

BPS carries an assortment of snow blowers to handle modest to moderate-sized jobs, including single-stage and two-stage blowers like the Toro Power Max HD 826 OXE, which includes a two-foot clearing width, push-button start and self-propelled drive system.

And for the winter warriors out there, we have the pushers, spreaders, and plows you need to get the job done, keeping you on the road longer and more efficiently. Whether you’re spreading salt or spraying brine, we have sprayers and spreaders to match your personal truck or commercial vehicle. And no matter what you’re driving—SUV, skid steer, or a large commercial vehicle—we have the plow to fit the job. Learn more in our winter buyers guide.

Don’t let Mother Nature get the best of you this winter! When it comes to heavy snow removal equipment, Buckeye Power Sales has you covered.

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