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Yanmar Tractor Guide

For over a century, Yanmar has been a leader in engine and drivetrain parts for tractor companies around the world. Now, they are selling their own top-notch products for the homestead including subcompact tractors.

Why Use A Subcompact Over Compact/Garden

Subcompact tractors are small, light duty tractors that are used for medium size properties. They provide significant advantages over compact or garden sized tractors for one big reason. That is the ability to use attachments such as frontloaders, backhoes or large mowing attachments. These different options allow a homeowner to get many things done as opposed to a machine just for mowing.

Subcompacts have the ease and convenience of small property riding mowers along with the utility and options of a larger machine at a great price. Unlike the upkeep required for a heavy-duty tractor, subcompacts allow an owner to get many things done at a small cost. Aimed at owners who have anywhere from 1 to 5 acres of property, subcompacts are the middle ground between a typical riding mower and a large, heavy-duty tractor for large plots of land.

Yanmar Subcompact Benefits


Service Accessibility

Operator Comfort

Fit & Finish

Cast Iron Transaxle vs. Aluminum

Drawbar vs. Lawn & Garden Style Hitch

Loader Design

3-Point Hitch Position Control

Backhoe Capability